Check out some great photos from our past events by visiting our Facebook page!


Check out these great photos from our November 19, 2016 event!

Thank you to all of our great volunteers and participants along with our keynote speakers for a job well done on November 19th during our very first cane building event!

In total, our great Standing Tall USA event volunteers crafted over 210 canes with letters to our veterans. Thank you all so much, and we will keep everyone posted on when the canes begin their journey into the hands of our veterans.

Thank you to Mrs. Rebecca Necessary and the Tomahawk Creek Middle School Interact Club for writing letters to our vets!

Special thanks to Chester Christian Church for hosting a wonderful cane build! We in total assembled 50 canes with fantastic letters to our veterans! 

Many thanks to 
Echo Lake Elementary School

for hosting such a wonderful Veteran's Day event, and for inviting Standing Tall to participate!

Echo Lake students were able to gift over 20 canes to those who've served in their close community.

Thank you Echo Lake students and staff!