About Us

       Standing Tall's goal is to provide quality, custom, patriotic walking canes for United States veterans in need of walking assistance no matter what the reason. One extraordinary individual inspired our passion and sparked our big idea. Mr. Clarence Walters was a veteran of the United States Army Air Corps who served our country on the Eastern Front during World War II. Mr. Walters was a nose gunner on one of America's B-17 Flying Fortress planes. Near the end of his life, when his age and failing health made him dependent on a walking cane for support, Mr. Walters befriended young Thomas Reilly. Through many visits to his home and his care center, they began to grow closer and closer. Their time together and the stories of service Mr. Walters shared inspired Thomas to rally family friends to create this organization. After Mr. Walters sadly passed away, his family honored Thomas with his walking cane that he had used near the end of his life. They asked him to gift it to another veteran in need, and tell him or her the story behind it. That got Thomas thinking, why not gift more than one cane to more than one veteran? Why not hundreds? Or maybe thousands! With the thought of this new idea, Standing Tall was created.

Our Mission

      Standing Tall is a non-profit organization that strives to provide customized patriotic canes to American veterans from all branches of the armed forces. Our main goal is to keep these brave men and women standing tall as they have faithfully held us up as a nation overseas and at home.